How Does Solar Energy Work?

From the sun to your home

The need for an alternative source of energy for mankind was never as important as it is today. Fossil fuels, which are being used since thousands of years, are about to expire. More importantly, they are contributing to the various threats on the planet, prominent ones being global warming and pollution. In such a scenario, searching for an alternative source of energy, which is a clean, efficient and renewable energy, has become the utmost priority for mankind. One such source of energy is solar energy. Before we move on to how solar energy works, we know that solar energy is and whether it’s the right alternative source of power needed.

how solar power works at home

Solar energy works on a simple concept – the sunlight is captured, converted solar energy and distributed power. Photovoltaic cells, popularly known as solar cells, sunlight captured

solar cells are made ​​of semiconductor solar cells generally, most frequently silicon. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be converted from one form to another. Strategic solar cells are exposed to the sun’s rays, so as to obtain the maximum possible output. The cells absorb heat radiated by the sun and convert it into electrical energy.

Solar power is returned when the solar rays come in contact with silicon cells, these cells absorb energy and free electrons. In fact, silicon is filled with impurities, most often phosphorus, creating a negative charge and free electrons. Once freed, the electrons seek positive connections. They are on the other side of the solar cell is positively charged, which is the positive connection, most often by boron. As electrons continue to be on the other side, an electrical current is created. The current electrical contacts on the solar cell create the desired voltage. Voltage direct current that flows as a (DC), and can be stored in a battery or used with the help of an inverter. Solar batteries store solar energy for later use, while inverters transform DC to AC (alternating current) through the house wiring system can be used. Between alternative energy sources solar energy as a major contender has come a long way. Today, we have cars, street lamps, signs, cooking equipment … (the list is quite long) run on solar energy, and it should not be long before solar energy to completely replace all other energy sources, the energy of As the major source.

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